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Dr. Stong’s Annual “State of the Lakeside” Address   

This 17th year addressing Open Circle, in addition to rural village water supply/wastewater treatment, Dr. Stong will focus on his efforts to define the causes of and identify actions to retard the advance of kidney disease in 2000-3000 children in villages west of Chapala. He will soon be conducting briefings of parents in 8-10 village plazas. Jobs, children's health and adequate safe water (some households receiving less than 6 hours per week), are the key needs of Lakeside’s rural poor earning less than $10/day. He will also offer his views on the future of Lakeside and Mexico.


Dr. Todd Stong’s 27 years in humanitarian service have focused on water-related projects in rural Africa, Asia, and Latin America. As a West Point graduate, Colonel Stong served as a construction engineer for 15 years in Korea, Vietnam, and Germany, followed by 15 years directing research in federal laboratories. He has six engineer sons.

Dr. Stong's presentation is in five parts.  You will find them here as they become available.

Part 1

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